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End of Warranty Blade Inspections:

We provide thorough blade inspection services for maximizing Return on Investment and working lifespan of wind blades as well.

We offer combination of access methods to meet customer requirements:

  • SPRAT/IRATA Rope access technicians

  • Blade access platforms

  • Telescope and camera

  • Drone Capability

Maintenance & Quality Control:
Our Qualified service and quality assurance team ensures all maintenance & repair Inspections are done right the first time.

  • Life Cycle Evaluations/Audits (Factory to Field)

  • Project QC

  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) & Evaluation

  • Blade remediation and Inspection (Inside & outside),both Up-tower and Down-tower via Ropes and Blade Access Platforms

  • Inspection reports identifying the following potential problems along with recommendations for corrective actions include

    • Lighting receptor damage or compromised functionality

    • Surface, joint or root area cracking

    • Leading edge and trailing edge erosion

    • Moisture incursion

    • Lighting damage to tips

  • Performing repairs on Nacelle Cover and Nose Cone


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