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Blade Test Stand:
Design and build Wind Blade Specific Test stand equipment for additional structural and reliability evaluations.

Vortex Generator Solution:
Providing customers with a specific upgrade solution for boosting the blade performance & maximizing the yield.

Factory Repair  & Restoration:
Customers  can take advantage  of  in shop repair services when repair and refurbishment/restoration at the site or in situ repairs using ropes are not conducive for sound curing due to inclement weather conditions. International Wind repair shops are strategically located in CA and very soon will be opening in TX.

Blade Fabrication in Modular Sections:
Can assist OEMs and Wind Customers in fabricating large blades using our patented divided structural joint procedure resulting in LOW COST, HIGH QUALITY & HIGH PERFORMANCE blades, instead of conventional fabrication methods. Based on Volume and Scale, we are open for dialogue on building smaller blades (less than 45m in length) for customers across the globe from our locations in US and in India respectively.

Visual And Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Inspections:
Regular NDI based blade inspections will help in identifying embedded problems and at the same time prevent small problems developing into a catastrophic issue.As a major step forward in our service portfolio of wind turbine maintenance, we offer ultrasonic inspection.

Our skilled NDT technicians are able to reliably find flaws in wind turbine blades like Impact Damage, Fiber waviness with wrinkles, Skin to Core delamination, Crack Detection, Delamination inside the multi-layered wall of the main spar, lack of glue between the skin and main spar through ultrasound methods and various types of fatigue related damages that inevitably come with time.



Wind Turbine inspections using Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAVs) is the new way to inspect wind turbines resulting in an increased number of daily inspections and increased personal safety to the wind technician.

Advantages using UAVs as inspection drones:

  •  Inspections can be conducted throughout the year, both onshore and offshore.

  •  Increased safety of inspection staff since the application is controlled from the ground.

  • Decreased shutdown time saves time and money. Dependant on Wind turbines MW size downtime may be decreased from a full day’s work to a little less than one hour per inspection.

  • Drone is equipped with various sensors, video or digital cameras, delivering crisp images and videos from optimal perspectives. These can be analyzed completely and accurately. If required it can be equipped with Infrared/thermal imaging sensors as well.

  • Maneuverability – The drone is easy to control and can fly autonomously along pre-defined flight routes.

  • Real time images and video allow for focused and optimized survey investigation. Streamed in real time to the ground the IW engineer can direct the survey to probe any potential issues while the drone is still in the air.

Drone-Based inspections provide increased efficiency. To illustrate, here is a scenario of inspecting 20 turbines  utilizing both methods:


Ground-Based Inspection:

  •  Begin Inspection and shutdown turbine on 1st day of the month and move forward

  •  Inspection of the wind turbines takes typically 3 per day

  •  Projected total time for inspections is 6 plus days (min.)

Drone-Based Inspection:

  •  Begin Inspection and shutdown turbine on 1st day of the month and move forward

  •  Inspection the wind turbines takes typically 12 per day

  •  Projected total time for inspections is 1 plus days (min.)

  • We can deliver full and comprehensive Wind Turbine Condition reports with high quality images and video from any vantage point.

Drone Inspections
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